5 Tips for Working With a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies can be a great job-finding tool. These agencies have a wide network and they form close relationships with clients, which gives them the ability to get job seekers quick interviews. Partnering with a Staffing agency can be beneficial for employers and job seekers alike. Below are several tips to consider when finding a job through an agency.

The Employer Pays the Agency’s Fees, Not the Job Seeker

Job seekers can use employment agencies at no cost. Many candidates forget that firms hire staffing agencies to help them find candidates, rather than it being the other way around. Workers should consider these agencies a free way to find positions that may not show on job boards.

It’s Possible to Submit a Resume to More Than One Agency

Those looking for high-level positions aren’t obligated to one agency. However, as a professional courtesy, the candidate should disclose that they’re working with more than one staffing firm. If a person applies for a job directly, they should disclose that as well. Open and honest communication is crucial to a successful experience with a recruitment firm.

Check In and Follow Up

If a candidate doesn’t hear anything after submitting a resume, they should follow up with the agency to ensure that no miscommunication took place. Ask where the resume was submitted and solicit feedback to find out where things can be improved. The more questions a candidate asks, the more they can learn.

Present a Professional Image

Whether a worker is meeting with the recruiter or going to a job interview, it’s important to look professional. An interview with a recruiter can tell a candidate how they’ll look to potential employers; therefore, these meetings should be taken seriously.

Ask for Advice

Workers should remember that a recruiter’s specialty is to match candidates with the right employment opportunities. Because of that expertise, potential employees should feel free to ask for advice on salary negotiations, cover letters, resumes, interviews, business etiquette, and more. If they offer suggestions as to what can be improved, the worker shouldn’t take it personally; it’s the recruiter’s job to help.

Employees can use these tips to create a solid relationship with a staffing firm and find a new job. By working with a recruitment firm and following best practices, clients on both sides can make arrangements that provide the maximum benefit.